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Toronto Personal Yoga Trainer and Top Yoga Instructor Diana

Diana is a personal Yoga Trainer and Yoga Instructor in Toronto.  Along with being a certified swimming instructor, and having a post-secondary education in the fitness field and over 10+ years as a Personal Trainer, Diana is one of the most sought out, and top Yoga Instructors in Toronto!

Diana is an advanced elite Yoga instructor, who’s been sought out by some of the top gyms in Toronto, as well as many public and private organizations to teach Yoga classes, so I’m extremely happy to have Diana on our team!

Personal Yoga Trainer, Yoga Instructor,

Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Yoga Trainer and Yoga Instructor Diana



  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from The University of Toronto
  • Certified Swimming Instructor since 1996
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2002
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor since 2004
  • Certified Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher since 2004
  • Yoga with Resist-A-Ball Certification since2005
  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada
  • Certified Pole Dancing Instructor


TRAINING WITH DIANA            VS           Other Yoga Studios        


● one teacher + small class size or one on one sessions = lots of individual attention ● one teacher + large class size = very little individual attention
● all equipment and props are provided ● BYOM (bring your own mat)
● effective use of props which allows you to access all the poses regardless of your flexibility, age, weight,height = more benefits & quicker results ● few or no props are used to account for your age and fitness level = very slow results
● a balanced focus on mobility, stability, strength,alignment, precision and improved posture ● minimal focus on alignment and precision
● very safe (you practice at your own level of ability in a progressive manner) = little to no risk of injury ● unsafe (you practice at the teacher’s/classes’ level of ability) = higher risk of injury
● a positive learning experience with real benefit ● a pleasurable / relaxing experience but not necessarily any real benefit
● non-competitive, friendly and caring environment ● can be a competitive environment
● minimum requirement of 3 years of Iyengar Yoga tobe considered for acceptance into teacher training program ● entrance requirements for teachers are generally less strict or non-existent
● teachers complete a rigorous teacher training program (1,000+ hrs over 4 yrs) designed by BKS Iyengar of India ● teachers complete a weekend fast-track course or a250 to 500 hour program designed by the studio’s owner / teacher
● teachers must meet strict international standards and pass a 3-stage exam before receiving certification ●  teachers require minimal or no evaluation for certification
●  teachers pursue on-going training with a seniorteacher to achieve higher levels of certification = students benefit even more ● teachers receive minimal or no on-going training


You will love the results!

Don’t risk your health with other styles of Yoga taught by teachers with minimal training!

Being one of the top Yoga instructor in the entire GTA, Diana is extremely in-demand and space with her is very limited.

If you’re interested in one on one Personal Training,  having a Personal Yoga Trainer to work with you or getting a one on one session with a top Yoga Instructor (or group training), please act fast, and Contact Diana today!