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Fitness Bootcamp Classes In Toronto

Fitness Bootcamp, Personal Trainer, Greg Groves

Fitness Bootcamp in Toronto by Personal Trainer Greg Groves

Fitness Bootcamp Classes in Toronto- Get in Shape Quickly

The term “fitness bootcamp” might sound a little intimidating, but the truth is, these types of classes are perfect for any fitness level, any age, and any level of ability. The beauty of bootcamp-style exercise programs is that they are highly adaptable. Exercises can be modified to accommodate varying levels of intensity, as well as those who suffer from specific injuries. These classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.


What Do Fitness Bootcamp Sessions Involve?

With these classes, anything goes. Many of these exercise classes take place outdoors (weather permitting), and can involve any number of settings and exercises. They can include high intensity cardio exercises to really get the heart pumping, as well as intense body weight strength training that fully engages major and minor muscle groups. No matter what class you’re in, you can be sure to leave the class exhausted, and completely invigorated.

Bootcamp style classes are unlike the average slow-paced cardio workout that you get on the treadmill at the gym. Instead, you can expect high-intensity cardio and strength training sessions that maximize your time with efficient, results-oriented programs that are designed to whip you into shape quickly and effectively. In essence, you can expect to improve your cardiovascular health, muscle tone and strength, flexibility, power, and stamina with each and every bootcamp class you attend.


Is Bootcamp Fitness Right For You?

Some people may be intimidated with the idea of being a part of a bootcamp class. The truth is, these classes are filled with people from one end of the fitness spectrum to the other. From the physically fit to the beginner exerciser, bootcamps can accommodate everyone from both extremes, and everyone in between. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, while pushing themselves as far as they can comfortably go.

Instead of spending countless hours pounding the treadmill or stair climber, you can push yourself to your own personal limits and get the workout of your life in a fraction of the time with a bootcamp class.

All classes are lead by personal trainer Greg Groves.

When you attend Progressive Groves Fitness Bootcamp classes, you will get:

  •     Safe and effective weight loss
  •     Lose up to 16 total inches
  •     Improve your self-esteem and image
  •     Increase strength and flexibility
  •     Increase endurance and energy
  •     Target those problem areas (abs, arms, thighs, butt)
  •     Fit back into those skinny jeans
  •     Nutritional counseling
  •     Improve your overall health
  •     Meet other great people in your community and form a strong support group
  •     2 fitness assessments, upon request
  •     At-home workout sent right to your email
  •     A new and healthier you!


Boot camp prices are now $15 per session with no contract to sign, ever!

You may pay at the class by cash or cheque.  Classes are now held at Linus Park, 125 Seneca Hill Dr, Toronto, ON (across the street from 177 Linus Rd). During winter months, classes are held in doors. Classes are every Saturday at 10am.

Don’t let your pre-determined idea of “fitness bootcamps” scare you.  These types of exercise classes really are designed for every walk of life. If you are looking to get into incredible shape and lose a few pounds, then my bootcamp might just be your perfect option. If you live in the Toronto and surrounding areas, complete the form below to register for a fitness bootcamp, or call Greg directly at 647-225-1547 and whip yourself into amazing shape in no time!




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